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MEDIAted eXperiences is a research Laboratory that explores the affordances and limitations of the emerging computational media practices within entertainment, arts, and architectural landscapes within a sociocultural context. Paying close attention to how new artistic methodologies that benefit from recent technological advances can contribute to creating more ethical frameworks. 

Advances in technology and engineering are significantly enabling the creation, expansion, and diversification of creative and artistic practices, and the design and aesthetics of the digital experience have great potential. The lab studies communication mediums within immersive experiences, interactive environments, and their ideation and production pipelines. These pipelines rely on various emerging computational media tools such as real-time graphics, computer vision, machine learning algorithms, or new XR tools. 

MEDIAtedX focuses fundamentally on the communications between the following environments: the digital and the physical, at a human scale, but also the city or even global levels, and aims to reflect on topics of diversity, demographics, ethics of privacy, and climate, through six, separate but interrelated research areas: MEDIAted ARCH, MEDIAted DX,  MEDIAted XR, MEDIAted ETHICS and MEDIAted AI.

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