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MEDIAted Data

MediatedDX focuses on exploring and developing various forms of data visualization techniques. This field is multidisciplinary, drawing from areas such as computer science, data science, human-computer interaction, and design. MediatedDX researchers aim to create visual representations of complex data that are intuitive, informative, and engaging.

One area of focus for MediatedDX is large-scale urban data visualizations. With the growing amount of data generated by cities, there is a need for effective ways to visualize and make sense of this information. MediatedDX researchers explore techniques such as interactive maps, augmented reality, and immersive displays to visualize urban data in ways that are accessible and useful to city planners, policymakers, and the general public.

Another area of research for MediatedDX is scientific collaboration in 3D representations of microscopic data. MediatedDX researchers work to create 3D visualizations of microscopic data such as cells, tissues, and organs, to aid in scientific collaboration and discovery. These visualizations can help researchers better understand complex biological processes and interactions, and can lead to new insights and discoveries.

Overall, MediatedDX aims to push the boundaries of data visualization and create new ways of understanding complex data.



WHITE CELLS Data visualization and Animation


MEDIATEDX Research Laboratory

In collobaroation with the Nationbal Cardiac Reserach Center of Spain and reserachers at Yale University, MediatedX is creating a series of data vizualizations and animations to aid in the visual of high impact scientific research.





AME / DSC 598

This urban data explorations research project is meant to create synergies between academia, art, technology, and the community of Mesa. Community is a crucial part of the downtown Mesa corridor; this project will aim to lay the foundation to enable collaborations between artists (you) and the city to yield a positive geo-cultural impact.

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