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Research Assistant


MFA Interdisciplinary Digital Media for Performance

Henry Beach is an entertainment and event production designer focused on lighting and live video systems and design. He holds a BFA in Theatre Production Design from Belmont University in Nashville, TN and is currently in his second year of ASU’s Interdisciplinary Digital Media for Performance MFA program. Since 2014, Henry has worked as a technician, production designer, and project manager for bands and touring productions, offering concept renderings, technical drawings, video direction and operation. In 2019, Henry and 2 partners formed Wide Open Productions, an entertainment design collective that works with a range of performing artists, bands, and music festivals to handle all aspects of lighting and video design and direction. 

While at ASU, Henry is focused on advanced media systems design and the interoperation of lighting and video control for live entertainment and interactive installations. His main platforms are TouchDesigner and Notch, utilized for data visualization, lighting previsualization, content creation, live camera effects, and systems design. 

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