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Li (JC)

Research Assistant


MSD, Design (Experience Design)

MS, Digital Culture

Jiaqi Li is an interaction designer. working in human-computer interaction and digital media design. Her design areas include HCI, data visualization, interactive storytelling, digital media, AR design, and service innovation in UX Design.

From 2020 to 2021, as a web interaction designer, Jiaqi designed a SaaS webpage based on artificial intelligence computing and user service experience for a technology company. Apply human-computer interaction and emerging digital media technologies to large-scale manufacturing and supply chains. In 2022, as a design partner of FY.LUOBO, Jiaqi designed interactions, animations, and AR experiences for architectural environments.

Beyond that, Jiaqi pursues to be a transdisciplinarity Designer and researcher. She graduated with a BA in Industrial Design in 2020 and a MA in Digital Culture in 2022. Currently pursuing experience design at Arizona State University as a second master's degree.

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